nicholasville, kentucky


Located in downtown Nicholasville, Public Well serves street tacos and refreshing drinks in a family-friendly atmosphere.

Photos by Sarah hogencamp


Public Well is the family-friendly taco establishment of local restauranteur Charlie Hensley, who is committed to bringing fun, quality, and unique eateries to Jessamine County. Hensley founded the sister restaurant, Euro Wine & Tapas Bar around the corner on Main Street in 2008, and has been earning loyal customers with his delicious food and drink creations ever since. A commitment to quality, service and a relaxing atmosphere are all hallmarks of the business.





104 S. York St.
Nicholasville, KY 40356


Wed-Sat 4p–Midnight
Sun 11a–3p

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Our name comes from our location and the rich history of our town.

The public well on the corner of Main and Maincross streets in Nicholasville is one of the most remarkable in Kentucky. Twice during the Civil War and in very dry seasons it had its capacity tested to the fullest extent. The Ninth Army Corps, commanded by General Burnside, encamped for three weeks around the town and the entire division used the water from this well night and day. Several thousand of General Bragg‘s army also encamped near Nicholasville and used water from the well in September 1862, and even these were unable to reduce the strength and power of its flow. This well is 180 feet deep and was bored by John W. Charlotter, a blind man. The well was put down in the year 1846, and after blasting down to the unusual depth of 180 feet, a stream of water was struck. It gushed up 10 feet high and from that time to this has furnished all who demand it of it clear, cool, refreshing drink. No drouth and no call upon its resources has ever lessened its flow, and after more than half a century of usefulness it is yet the pride and comfort of the citizens of the town.